Our Story

Noosa Black Coffee PlantationNoosa Black is a family owned and run coffee plantation nestled at the head of a picturesque valley near the small town of Kin Kin, just 45 minutes from the world renowned Noosa Main Beach. We are the only commercial coffee grower in Noosa Shire. 

We first planted our 6,000 coffee trees in 2005, nurturing them and experimenting with production techniques until we produced the quality coffee that we proudly offer today. Our trees are all Coffea arabica K7 variety, developed and recommended for use in the Northern Rivers Area of NSW, Australia. K7 trees are resistant to disease, so there is no need for chemical pesticides. 

Noosa Black Coffee - Our Process

Our Process 


Harvesting occurs up to six times each year, no later than October - it is this final harvest that produces our unique Late Harvest roast. We currently harvest with a combination of mechanical and hand-picking. Each harvest yields tonnes of red cherry, and takes a considerable amount of coordination and legwork (including keeping our tractor driver supplied with regular tea and bikkies).


Following harvest, the ripe red cherries are 'pulped' using the wet method which removes the outer skin. The inner seeds are then soaked in water for up to 48 hours to remove the slimy layer attached to the bean parchment. Following rinsing our beans are then spread out to naturally air dry under the plentiful Queensland sun for at least 24 hours. Our sun-dried coffee beans then make the long trip to Northern NSW for hulling and sorting/grading.



We roast in small batches throughout the year to ensure the Noosa Black coffee you enjoy is as fresh as possible. The milled green beans are master roasted 'down the road' in Yandina. Each bean type and grade is treated differently to produce the best balance of flavours and 'nose' (aroma). 

Community Involvement

We are proud to be involved in a number of local community groups and events:

  • Scone Time (Cooroy)

  • Country Noosa

  • Land for Wildlife

  • Landcare

  • Slow Foods Noosa