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Can I buy Noosa Black coffee in store?

Yes you can! At the moment our current stockists are all local to the Noosa region. You will find Noosa Black beans and grind available at SUPA IGA Cooroy and IGA Pomona. Both stores stock 250g and 500g bags of grind and beans (full range may not be available at all times). If you require 1kg or more of beans, please order through our online store or contact us directly for a quote.

How do I store my coffee?

Once opened, coffee has a relatively short shelf life. Noosa Black ensures you receive the freshest possible product by grinding to order. We roast regularly and our beans are stored under optimum conditions to maintain flavour and quality.

What is Peaberry?

Peaberry describes a coffee bean / berry that is smaller in size and rounder in shaper than a standard coffee bean. This difference in size can create a unique flavour due to a specialised roasting process - if the peaberry beans were roasted alongside regular beans they would burn (being smaller, they roast faster). Our Peaberry roast get's special treatment to ensure this doesn't happen, to create a great flavoured coffee.

What's with the peacock?

The peacock featured in our coffee bag labels is inspired by local wild peacocks that frequent the coffee plantation. We've nicknamed our most regular peacock visitor, Percy.

Where does Noosa Black coffee ship to?

We currently ship our coffee products Australia wide. If you're located outside of Australia and would like to purchase Noosa Black, we'd be happy to provide a custom quote by email for shipping to your location. Get in contact with us if you're interested in ordering from NZ or the US, UK, or Europe.

Where is Noosa Black coffee grown?

Noosa Black coffee is single origin Australian grown. Our small plantation is located near the small town of Kin Kin in the Noosa hinterland, approximately 45 minutes from world renowned Noosa Beach. Like the low altitude plantations on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, our coffee is unique due to the microclimate of our hinterland valley.