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Aug 2016

Roasting Notes

A quick rundown on the characteristics of our single origin roasts.

by Noosa Black on 23 August 2016

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We currently have four single origin roasts - grown locally and roasted locally.

Late Harvest

Our Late Harvest roast is just that - a late harvest! Due to the climate unique to our corner of the Sunshine Coast, our trees produce fruit into early summer. While there is typically one major harvest per season for growers in traditional growing regions around the world, we harvest up to three times a year, sometimes with hand picked harvests in between our main machine harvests. Due to the changing climate, multiple coffee harvests in one season is becoming more common around the world. Late Harvest is our most full-bodied roast, and the most popular with our commercial customers.


Noosa Black's Peaberry roast is popular with home-brewed coffee makers. It's a special roast made from peaberry beans that are especially separated during processing to be given special treatment by our master roaster. Because the peaberry bean is smaller in size - but also more uniform in shape, like a football - the roaster is particularly attentive to ensure that the bean is not accidentally burnt. This special attention, and the particularly uniform roasting, creates a unique, medium-bodied flavour.


Wantima is a medium-bodied, smooth roast created from the red cherry at peak harvest time. As soon as the cherry is harvested from the trees we remove any green or over-ripe cherry and then use a simple and time honoured wet process to remove the parchment coffee, wash the mucilage, a sugary coating, from the parchment using rain water and then sun dry the parchment for several days using a method based on ‘african drying beds’.

The resulting coffee is a medium-bodied, which preserves the essential oils and delicate flavours in the coffee bean.


Our sunshine coffee is made using the red cherry at optimum ripeness which is processed using the traditional wet process to remove and wash the parchment which is then sundried slowly over several days. Once we’re ready to do a roast we hull the parchment to produce the green bean and during the grading step we select only those smaller beans that fall in the size grade 14 to 17 for the Sunshine roast.