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Nov 2016

Let the Sunshine in

by Noosa Black on 02 November 2016

Topics: Sunshine

Our Sunshine roast reflects the personality of the Noosa hinterland region - clean air, slightly nutty locals and a hint of Kin Kin Limes. This roast is made using the red cherry harvested at optimum ripeness, which is processed using the traditional wet process to remove and wash the parchment. The parchment beans are then sun dried slowly over several days.

Once we’re ready to do a roast we hull the parchment to produce the green bean and during the grading step we select only those smaller beans that fall in the size grade 14 to 17 for the Sunshine roast.

Sunshine coffee has a clean, crisp, light and fruity flavour with hints of macadamia, created for those who prefer a light sweeter coffee on a relaxing Sunday morning.