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Nov 2016

Late Harvest inspired by tradition

by Noosa Black on 02 November 2016

Topics: Late Harvest

Our Late Harvest roast honours the oldest known method of Ethiopian coffee processing, but with a few modern era tweaks. The late harvest fruit is allowed to fully mature on the tree, allowing it to use all the sugars within the pulp as it drys, concentrating the flavours and giving a more full bodied flavour profile and experience.

We extract the coffee bean from the dried pulp and sun dry the beans to the optimum moisture content without any further processing or washing. In this way we maintain the maximum amount of flavour. 

The parchment of our Late Harvest beans have a slightly darker colour due to the concentrating effect of the sugars as the fruit dries on the tree. This coffee has good mouthfeel and balance with some woody, earthy, cocoa and nutty notes, some sweetness and a reasonable length of aftertaste.